Saturday, January 17, 2009

Weekends are always freestyle...

Jean - This photo was taken from the backside of University of Louisiana’s LITE building and perhaps my favorite so far. If I had to theme it, I would call it “authentic”, because the entire photo looks computer generated to me, but is not. It is completely untouched, except for cropping. I love the texture of the long thin grass against the flatness of the building. The beams reflecting the color of the grass are actually not beams at all, but pieces of shiny strips of metal adhered to the natural wood wall. Even the shadows look manipulated to me.

Jules - This is a perpetually parked car on a vacant lot. I drive by it everyday on my way home. The color is what catches my eye. I wanted to get a better photo but I was trespassing as it was so I settled.


  1. I think your right, it's the color. Something about it...I wouldn't change a thing about it.