Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Jean - On a recent family excursion, this sunset gave the illusion we were spiraling towards a destination of orange fiery hell. Combining that with the 6 hour long trip (that should have taken 3) and the chaotic meltdowns of the 2 year old in the backseat, I would have to say we were forewarned.

Jules - Mine actually is the picture FROM hell. I missed the perfect sunset last evening so I went tonight to recapture only to run out of battery midway through not to mention there WAS NO SUNSET. I get home and only have one good shot which I have been trying to upload to blogger for the last HOUR, only to have it be viewed sideways. Finally, here it is. This is a photo of Christmas lights up the drive leading to our local hospital. Yeah, they're still up, but so? Last year I didn't take my tree down til Easter. :)

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